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Gymnastics Skills and Progressions


At Paramount, we work hard to teach gymnastics skills the right way. Our goal is to balance proper techniques, terms, and progressions with a lot of fun. Students learn by breaking down each skill, getting hands-on help from our coaches, and staying motivated with positive reinforcement. It's all about enjoying the process while building your skills as a gymnast.


Our gymnastics classes are taught with a structured curriculum, where students are grouped by age and skill level. Our program is set up to accommodate students of all ages and skill levels. For first-time gymnasts, we evaluate their skill level and place them in a class that will best suit their gymnastics ability in order to physically prepare them for more advanced skills. Student’s progress is documented during Testing Weeks, three times a year. Testing Week is designed to provide both feedback and motivation as students move through the program. Students are given a progress report. Students who mastered all skills for the level receive a ribbon indicating their level.

Our recreational gymnastics classes include:

Tumble and Fun TOO

Tumble Stars


Intermediate L1 & L2


Power Tumbling

Tumble and Fun TOO Skills:


Salute is a position you go into before and after a skill and routine. A salute is when you stick your chest out and put your hands in the air.


Tuck is a gymnastics body position where the knees and hips are bent and drawn into the chest with the hands holding the knees. This body position is used in somersaults to rotate faster. 


Straddle is a body position in which the body faces forward, and the legs are spread far apart to the side


Pike: how do you sit on a pike position? Hands, shoulders, hips, and feet should all be in a straight line. The shoulders are relaxed, and the legs are tight.


Forward straight jumps

Backward straight jumps

Forward roll downhill

Spider walk to handstand

Backward roll downhill

Jump over panel mat with hands

Candlestick roll to stand

Push up to bridge


Tumble Stars Skills:

A lunge is a movement that you will typically land in out of a handstand, cartwheel, front walkover, back walkover, and many other gymnastic moves also. The most important part of the form for a lunge is for your back leg to be straight with your front leg bent.


Left chase

Forward roll

Backward roll over panel mat

Cartwheel over panel mat

Candlestick roll to stand

Straddle jumps

Donkey kicks

Tuck jumps

Right chase


Novice Skills:


Headstand Hold 3 sec.

Kick to handstand

Handstand Forward Roll

Handstand fall to bridge


Back Band to Bridge

Backward Pike Roll

360 Turns

Knee Drop to Handstand

Kick to Handstand Fall Flat on the mat

Rollie Pollies


Intermediate L1 Skills:


Right and Left Splits

Pike Up to Head Stand

Power Hurdle Roundoff

Bridge Kick Over

Head Spring Off 16” Mat

Hand Stand Chest Roll

Front Limber

Backbend to bridge & Stand up

Tuck, Straddle, Pike, 360 Combo

Rollie Pollie Piked

Fly Spring over Mat

Knee Drop to Hand Stand Forward Roll


Intermediate L 2 Skills:

Front Walkover

Back Walkover

Hand Stand Shoulder taps (4)

Hand Stand 180 Pirouette

Roundoff Half Turn

Front Handspring over panel Mat

Back Handspring on Pac Man Mat

Fly Spring

Back Handspring

Front Flip Tuck



H/S Walking

Y-Scale (3 Sec)

Croc (3 Sec)

Front Handspring

Back Handspring

Aerial Cartwheel

Roundoff Back Handspring

Front Tuck (Mini Tramp)

2 Back Handspring

Front Flip Pike

Front Flip Tuck

Back Flip Tuck 

Learn Gymnastics Skills and More At Paramount Acrogymnastics and Tumbling In San Jose, CA

At Paramount Tumbling and AcroGymnastics our Recreational Gymnastics program is designed to safely progress students through fundamental gymnastics skills. We offer multiple levels of gymnastics classes to fit a range of ages and abilities. 


We are proud to have a skilled team of coaches and staff working towards one goal: enriching lives with the art of gymnastics. With the use of positive reinforcement and thoughtful training, we are committed to bringing fun, fitness, and skills that will last a lifetime to your child. Learn more about our Gymnastics Classes or contact us at 408-260-0403 to schedule a skills assessment.

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