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Pricing For Our Gymnastics Programs In San Jose, CA
Paramount Gymnastics in San Jose offers a number of gymnastics programs including recreational classes and competitive team. 

Paramount Gymnastics Annual Membership Fee

There is a $60.00 annual membership fee for each child enrolled. 

Billing and Payment

All tuition at Paramount AcroGymnastics is set up as automatic billing. Upon registering for a class, you will be asked to provide credit card information for automatic credit card billing. Your payment will be automatically charged on the 25th of the prior month. For example, May tuition will be processed on April 25th. 

Gymnastics Classes Pricing

Gymnastics Trial Class -$35

Drop-in Class-$45

Tumble and Fun TOO (4-5 yrs old)-$140/month 

Tumble Stars (6-7 yrs old)-$140/month

Novice (8 and older) - $140/month

Intermediate (6 and older)-$140/month

Intermediate L 2 (6 and older) - $140/month

Advanced ( 8 and older) - $140/month

Power Tumbling (8 and older) - $140/month

Tuition is based on 4 classes per month 

Choose Paramount For Gymnastics In San Jose and More


Paramount Gymnastics welcomes you to enjoy our gymnastics classes and much more in San Jose. When looking for the best gymnastics studio for classes, camp, or even a birthday party, pricing is important, but there are other factors to consider.

Paramount Gymnastics in San Jose is a place for everyone who wants to learn beginner skills, stay in shape, or perhaps hopes to reach a competitive level with the right team. We offer a convenient location for gymnastics classes in San Jose, a professional coaching staff, and a safe and nurturing environment.


Paramount Gymnastics Programs range from recreational classes to competitive training programs. All Paramount gymnastics programs are educationally based and are governed by the United States of America Gymnastics (USAG).


We also offer Private Birthday Parties, Private Gymnastics Lessons, and the best Gymnastics Camps in San Jose. You can be sure that your child will receive an unforgettable experience at Paramount Gymnastics!


Thank you for choosing one of the best gymnastics classes for children in San Jose, CA. Contact us for more information about pricing, or if you have any other questions: 408-260-0403 or email -  

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