Annual Membership Fee

There is a $60.00 annual membership fee for each child enrolled. 

Billing and Payment

All tuition at Paramount AcroGymnastics is set up as automatic billing. Upon registering for a class, you will be asked to provide credit card information for automatic credit card billing. Your payment will be automatically charged on the 25th of the prior month. For example, May tuition will be processed on April 25th. 


Gymnastics Trial Class -$30

Tumble and Fun TOO (4-5 yrs old)-$120/month 

Tumble Stars (6-7 yrs old)-$120/month

Novice (8 and older) - $120/month

Intermediate (6 and older)-$120/month

Intermediate L 2 (6 and older) - $120/month

Advanced ( 8 and older) - $120/month

Power Tumbling (8 and older) - $120/month

Tuition is based on 4 classes per month 

Aerial Classes

Aerial Trial Class -$36

Beginning Aerial-(6 and older)-$145/month 

Intermediate Aerial-(6 and older)-$145/month

Tuition is based on 4 classes per month