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Beginning Aerial (ages 6 and older)

Aerial Arts is a dynamic, stunning athletic discipline! Aerial Arts training starts with the basics of performing on multiple aerial apparatuses. Aerial Arts requires considerable strength and skill and this class is designed to introduce the new student to the conditioning and techniques required to learn aerial arts skills. One of the amazing things about aerial arts is that it is so much fun that the hard work is disguised in 55 minutes of artistry, new challenges, and accomplishments! Athletes will learn to climb a rope, get wrapped up in the silks, spin on the Hammack. No prior experience is required for this class, just determined athletes who are ready to learn something new!

Intermediate Aerial (ages 6 and older)

Aerial Arts athletes can push their skills to the next level by adding impressive heights, dynamic drops, and outstanding strength and precision. Aerial Arts offers a fantastic vehicle for new athletes to build incredible strength and confidence and will help them excel in multiple aspects of performance.

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